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Foundation Board members meeting at Harvard Club in New York.

John G. Callahan (left) and William M. Noé attend presentation on advances in the treatment of Melanoma.


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6 March 2009 Download Press Release PDF

The Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies Launches on the Opening Day of the American Academy of Dermatology’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco

A group of renowned scientists and dermatologists has joined forces with members of industry to form a not-for-profit Foundation. The aim of their newly formed Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies is to provide needed education to the public, to sponsor research and to disseminate understanding in an effort to expand the level of excellence in skin protection and treatment.

In specific, it aims to reduce the risk and incidence of skin pathology especially that associated with chronic skin diseases, precancerous skin conditions and skin cancers. In the US, skin cancer is now has the fastest growing incidence of any cancer, with over one million new cases annually. Education and targeted research on how to optimally protect the skin from this and other environmental damage, is crucial.  
One of the Foundation’s first projects is the writing of a children's book which will be distributed internationally. It will teach children, parents and educators the importance of protecting the skin from the sun to avoid skin cancer and other forms of photodamage to the skin. Sun protection education is urgently needed to raise awareness about proper precautions to halt the alarming rate at which new cases of skin cancer are developing in the global population. Children are particularly vulnerable as many of their vital immunity functions are still in the development stage. Protecting from overexposure to the sun and its harmful ultraviolet radiation today can help prevent skin cancer and other photodamage later in life. Dermatologists and skin care professionals will develop presentation materials and information for day care centers, schools, libraries and physician offices. Sun-safe behavior and guidelines will be delivered in books, DVDs, CDs and other educational materials.
As the Foundation pursues its multidimensional education initiatives, it will simultaneously,
with the help of specialists, individual and industry benefactors, sponsor relevant and targeted research internationally in skin health.

The Foundation launches in New York and simultaneously at the Sixty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology in San Francisco.  Co-Founders of the Foundation and serving on its Board of Directors are: Dr. William Levis, Dermatologist and recipient of the nationally prestigious 2008 Atellas Award for Excellence in Dermatology. He is credited with reducing Hansen's disease globally; Dr. Michael Burns, President and COO of Michigan based Ferndale Pharma Group, inc. which develops and manufactures a variety of prescription and non-prescription skin care products. Dr. Burns is also CEO of Eloquest Healthcare, Inc. and Biopelle Inc. subsidiaries, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Ferndale Pharma Group; Dr. Georgia Barnett Schuller-Levis, a microbiologist and world authority on amino acids, with over twenty five years at the New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities; Dr. Brian Keller, Co-Founder and Executive VP of BioZone Laboratories, he is internationally recognized as an expert in the science of liposomes and nano-vesicles; Dan Fisher, Co-Founder and President of BioZone Laboratories, a leader in the development of drug delivery systems with a strong sales and marketing background in consumer and technical products; Marina D'Arezzo, a published author, is co-developer of the Board preparation tool for third year Residents in Dermatology, Boards-in-a-Box and owner of a pharmaceutical brokerage firm.          
 From its Madison Avenue offices in New York, the Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies will collaborate and liaison with academic, commercial and charitable organizations internationally. The Foundation’s Board members are currently assembling their Business and Scientific Advisory Board members to complete the leadership team.  

For more information: call the Foundation for Global Skin Health Strategies at 1-917-463-0500 or visit: or email